sarisafari (sarisafari) wrote in throneland,

phase news

Personal reasons conflict with opening the phase on Saturday, the phase will start on WEDNESDAY, 21st MARCH, instead.  

Be sure to let me know, anywhere, whether you're staying or not.  I will start removing members and inviting new members, as soon as I get the first answers to the personal messages I'm sending out.  Also let me know if you're okay with being switched to another team, if needed.

Have a nice weekend!

ps: this entry is public, to new potential members: you can already apply, but keep in mind I'm re-ordering the teams first :) 
ps2: if you commented on the entry about leaving/staying, don't think too much if you get the pm, you don't have to answer it.
ps3: new layout, but still editing on it, since there are flaws, as always livejournal is fucking slow for me today, so the layout will be renewed tomorrow, as there are many, many things wrong with it 
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