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end of phase

I think you all saw this coming, but I'm ending the phase today.  The main reason is that I can't keep my promises.  I kept promising new challenges, more activity, but things kept happening in my real life, and I just delayed everything (not on purpose, if that's clear).  That being said, you were all fantastic members this phase (and in the previous ones too).  I hope you still had fun and I'm sorry that phase 4 wasn't the same as the previous phases.  
I played with the thought of putting this community up for adoption, but I just love this community too much.  I will say that this is the start of a hiatus, but how long?  I don't know.  My summer break is very close, that might change my mind and I'm still a bit positive, but in all honesty, I am not sure and I am just super busy with uni and life.  If I decide, and I might search a co-mod too (interests are welcome through pm), I will certainly post an entry here!  As always.  So to be clear: we're not dead!  
I do want to say special thanks togoldenrosalie and realproof, who've been the greatest help in this community, helping with results, ideas for challenges, etc… .  And thanks to the other members of course, I hope you enjoyed, and probably, see you later!!  

the wolves win!
note: this post is public, because there are still open membership applications. 
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